Stay in the Word

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ. ~Romans 10:17

A Life Long Road to a Glorious Destination

The number one resource for learning about God is his Word. We want to study and meditate on scripture to learn about his glory, stay in fellowship, and be inspired to share Jesus with others.

Other resources to study would be books, study Bibles, sermons, and podcasts. We always want to make sure authors and teachers have a sound theology.

Resources below will enable you to grow and fortify you with knowledge to share the Gospel.

Be assured this is a life long journey. Never expect to one day know it all. One of the biggest lies of Satan is to make you feel like you’re not ready to share the Gospel. As a saved child of God, you are equipped with the power of the Holy Spirit. Never be afraid for Christ lives in you.


Study Bibles are a great aid to learning the Bible. They can open insight into scripture and provide historical context that leads to a broader understanding. Always keep in mind that only the Bible text is the inspired Word of God.

The ESV Study Bible is recognized as one of the best and is available online and with an app at The Evidence Bible is packed with information defending the Christian faith and evangelism training.

A regular Bible is must have to meditate on and enjoy scripture. I prefer the ESV translation as it is a literal translation that uses everyday language.


The following are wonderful books enabling you to confidently share and answer questions about a relationship with Jesus Christ. They will arm you with Bible verses glorifying the deity of Christ. They will explain the essential teachings of the Christian faith.

  • The Master Plan of Evangelism – Amzn or ChristB
  •  The Deity of Christ – GTY
  • Why Believe the Bible – GTY
  • Bible Doctrine – Amzn or ChristB

Online Resources

There are a lot of online resources to study and learn the Word. Here are a few podcasts and websites by biblically sound preachers.