Catch Up in Your Bible Reading Plan

Annual Bible Reading Plan Catch Up Calculator

The Bible is a beautiful love letter from God to us. As we read His Word we discover who He is and know His love for us. He imparts His wisdom, guides us, and brings us closer to Him. Through God’s Word we will be able to fulfill our calling and take the the gospel to the world.

Annual Bible reading plans are a wonderful way to read through the Bible. A schedule set to get into the Word of God sometimes gets missed and before we know it we are behind in our reading. Before you give up to restart next year, let’s do a reset.

Reading through the Bible daily really doesn’t take much time. You have to put it first in priority. Manage your time and consider taking a break from Facebook and other social media.

The Bible Reading Plan Calculator will get you back on track before you know it. Simply enter today’s date, the date you are currently at in your plan, and commit to multiple readings a day. Hint: Read in the morning!

Get started in your readings today by praying and asking the Holy Spirit to make God and His Word a priority in your life.

If you have any questions about the calculator please ask.