God Bless You for Receiving a Bible Tract

No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him; and I will raise him up on the last day. ~ John 6:44

Thank You!

Thank you for taking a Bible tract. God uses many ways to reach people and draw them to Himself. We pray Jesus has spoken to you through this Bible tract, and you heed His call to salvation (John 10:27; Romans 8:29-30).

Below are a few resources that will encourage you to know God and fellowship with Him. There is no greater joy than to know God. You can have a personal relationship with Him. Get into His Word – the Bible. Through the Bible, He will speak to you, impart wisdom, and keep you close to Him.

Take the Bible to Heart

When you read the Bible, pray to God that it takes hold of your heart. Read with a desire to learn more about God and fellowship with Him. Your faith will grow by leaps and bounds through the Word of God (Romans 10:17).

Below are recommendations for a Bible app and a standard Bible.


Literal Word

Literal Word is a free, NASB Bible app that provides fast and easy access to the word of God. No ads. No articles. No login. No distractions. Simply the Word. We believe that the Bible contains the most valuable information that anyone could ever come across and that accessing it should be as easy as possible.

After downloading the app, read the book of John to learn about Jesus.

Standard Bible

A standard Bible is enjoyable to underline and read at length. The NASB (New American Standard Bible) is an accurate word-for-word translation of the original Bible languages. Other translations that are excellent as well include the ESV, KJ, NKJV, and CSV.

Below are a few links to recommended Bibles. They are all beautiful Bibles with the main difference being the size of the text.

NASB Giant Print Reference Bible Personal Size, Genuine Leather

Easy to read big, bold font with words of Christ in Red. Center column references. The font size is 9.5 but looks like at least 12. This Bible is perfect for those who are visually impaired. ChristianBook.com

NASB Thinline Bible, Large Print with Bonded Leather

Easy to read 10 pt font with the words of Christ in Red. There are no references, so the columns are wide and full of text. This Bible is my go-to reading Bible. Amazon.com

NASB, Thinline Bible, Leathersoft, Brown

This Bible has a readable 7.8 small font with the words of Christ in red. The cover has a beautiful look and feel. It is an excellent travel Bible or one for those that can easily read the small print. Amazon.com

Grace to You

Grace to You at GTY.org is a complete resource for learning God’s Word. John MacArthur preaches straight from the Bible as he exposits the Scripture. Get the Grace to You app and listen daily to broadcasts. Dr. MacArthur will explain details in the original Scripture along with biblical history to give a complete understanding of the text. They transcribe all sermons for an option to read them. You may also download sermons on to your phone and listen in your car on the way to work. Search the website for subjects such as the “Deity of Christ” or “The Gospel” and enjoy learning

Grace to You occasionally gives away new books that Dr. MacArthur authors. If you’ve never contacted them before they would like to welcome you with a new book today:  Ashamed of the Gospel – When the Church Becomes Like the World.

Recommended Books by John MacArthur

The MacArthur Bible Commentary treats every passage of the Old and New Testaments phrase by phrase, with hundreds of word studies as sidebars throughout. It offers a broad overview of each Bible book and the internal consistency that results from having a single commentator. Learn more.

What did Jesus mean when He said, “Follow me”? Twenty years ago John MacArthur tackled that seemingly simple question and provided the evangelical world with the biblical answer. For many, the reality of Jesus’ demands has proved thoroughly searching, profoundly disturbing, and uncomfortably invasive; and yet, heeding His words is eternally rewarding. Learn more.

In Ashamed of the Gospel, John MacArthur gives a biblical analysis of the pragmatism that has infected the church and delivers a compelling call to the church today: Stand firm on the Word of God—it is the only good news with the power to save. A welcome gift today.


As you grow in your Christian walk, it will be natural to have questions. You may even be asked a question or have your faith challenged and not know how to answer. There are a couple of websites that are theologically sound where you can be confident in the answers they give. Answers are backed up by Scripture as they should be. GotQuestions.org and CARM.org are excellent resources to help you learn the truth.

"Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me."

Take up your cross and follow Me” (Matthew 16:24; Mark 8:34; Luke 9:23) means being willing to die in order to follow Jesus. This is called “dying to self.” It’s a call to absolute surrender. After each time Jesus commanded cross bearing, He said, “For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake, he is the one who will save it. For what is a man profited if he gains the whole world, and loses or forfeits himself?” (Luke 9:24-25). Although the call is tough, the reward is matchless.

Commitment to Christ means taking up your cross daily, giving up your hopes, dreams, possessions, even your very life if need be for the cause of Christ. Only if you willingly take up your cross may you be called His disciple (Luke 14:27). The reward is worth the price. Jesus followed His call of death to self (“Take up your cross and follow Me”) with the gift of life in Christ: “For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.” (Matthew 16:25-26). (Credit: GotQuestions.org)

The True Gospel by Paul Washer

Paul Washer shares the gospel of Jesus Christ while teaching the “whole counsel of the Word of God,” which includes the wrath of God, the love of God, and even the hatred of God. If you desire to grow in Christ, in addition to diligently studying the Word of God; then one of the preachers I recommend listening to is Paul Washer of HeartCry Missionary Society.

Know God

The greatest knowledge a person can possess is the knowledge of God.  Learn His attributes, including His unchanging, righteous character and will for your life.  Knowing God will deepen your relationship with Him, make you sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and help you to become more Christlike in character.

The best source for learning about God is the Bible. The Bible is truly God’s Word. Study and meditate on scripture to learn about His glory, stay in fellowship, and be inspired to share Jesus with others.

Pray to God that He draws you into His Word and that it takes root in your heart. There are so many distractions in the world we live in today. Give God and His Word priority.

Never expect to one day know it all. One of the biggest lies of Satan is to make you feel like you don’t know enough to share the Gospel. As a saved child of God, you have the power of the Holy Spirit residing inside you, enabling you to share the Gospel. Share so others may hear about Jesus and believe (Romans 10:14).